Thursday, January 21, 2010

Let me count the ways...

West has been growing and changing so fast it makes my life seem completely surreal. The pictures and videos I post here are a good glimpse, but it's impossible for me to capture everything. If only I had camera lenses mounted in my eyes, we would be all set. Of course, I do record everything I see through those peepers, but sadly I can't share it with you in the same format.

With that in mind, I wanted to share some recent wonderful, amusing and just plain lovable things about Weston.

Water: West is a true water baby. He was born in the tub, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. He LOVES his night time bath. In fact, he - a boy who abhors having clothes put on or changed - giggles with excitement now when we are taking off his clothes because he thinks it is bath time. Woe to the parent who is actually just changing an nasty outfit - he lets us know his disapproval immediately.

He also is really fascinated by water in a glass. When I fill a glass from the fridge he swivels his head around to check it out and stares, mesmerized, as I drink. I've given him a couple of sips, but he doesn't really swallow it yet. He does seem to enjoy the cool, smooth feeling, though. I tell him it is magic (and water, I tell him it's water first!), which it is. Water is magic.

For the past month or so West has been pretty fascinated with eating and food. He loves to check out our meal and watch as we pop things in our mouths and chew. I usually point out what each food is so he gets and idea of what all the options are. He's not ready to start solids yet, but I know the time is coming really soon, which makes me excited and sad at the same time.

Every day I find myself excited for the future. When will he sit up by himself? When will he be able to roll both ways? He learns so quickly and it is absolutely amazing, yes amazing, to watch his mind processing...processing...processing and then see him complete a task.

Earlier this month he mastered the art of rolling from his back to his front. He has rolled both ways before, but after going each way once decided that he really didn't have any interest in rolling. Until a week or so ago when D and I sat and watched him after his bath as he processed...processed...processed...rolled. He hasn't stopped since. Now, if he is left on his back for a moment and you turn your head - whoop - there he goes on to his tummy. The trouble is that he doesn't yet know how to roll back to his back. He gets onto his stomach and hangs out for a bit before getting tired and frustrated. At that point, if you flip him back to his back, he screams. The pattern is so consistent that we've noticed that rolling has become a direct path to a bad mood.

So, I look forward to when he can roll both ways, but I also know that leads to rolling across the floor...and then crawling...and then walking...and then...and then...

Time has taken on some new dimensions for me and it seems to move painfully slow and incredibly fast all at the same time. One day soon West will start eating solids, and he will nurse less. Then he will stop nursing all together. I cannot express how sad that makes me. At the same time, it sure will be nice when D can really take him for an afternoon and I can go get my hair cut and not worry about if he'll take the bottle or not. And it will be nice to not have to wear nursing pads and bras anymore.

In the same way, I can't wait until he sleeps through the night in his crib. I miss being able to curl up next to D, and my back may never be the same after so many nights of contortion. But when it's over, when he sleeps in his own room every night, I know I will miss his warm feet pressing into my abdomen. I just know it.

Every time I hold him, rocking him to sleep, and he sunggles into my neck I tear up. How many more times? Dare I put you down in your crib? What if you never snuggle in like this again? Of course, my rational self knows that he surely will - at least for a while longer. But everything is changing constantly.

Before West was born I had elaborate plans to write out his birth story and then write him a monthly letter about all his experiences, changes, etc. I never even finished the birth story. Lack of time, or a last gasp to slow it down? Hmmm...

Anyway, in the vein of recording some of his cool things, here are a couple of others:

  • He loves to pet Caleb and smiles when his ca-ca-cat comes over to him.
  • He loves to play "Where is Weston?"
  • He loves to bounce in the jumper.
  • He loves to be outside.
  • He loves to drool (ok, maybe he doesn't love it, but he sure does a lot of it).
  • He loves his two toys that have pull strings leading to music and he is strong enough to hold on as I pull them away from him.
  • He loves when Papa comes home - gives him a huge smile every time.

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  1. I keep coming back to read this post because it is so sweet. :)